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  Conserving Water




The dictionary describes water as colourless, tasteless and odourless - its most important property being its ability to dissolve other substances.


Most people do not see water that way; instead they see water as a basic human right. We want the water of this country to flow out into a network - reaching every individual - saying: here is this water, for you. Take it; cherish it as affirming your human dignity; nourish your humanity.

Water in Botswana

Water is a scarce and a very valuable resource in Botswana as emphasised the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources on 13th October 2004: "Currently, the country is experiencing a potential shortage of water".


The scarcity of water is related to a number of factors such as recurrent droughts, low and unreliable rainfall, high evaporation rates from dams, rapid increase in human population (increased demands), high costs of exploitation of existing surface water resources.


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