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The Department of Water Affairs is one of three technical Departments within the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR).  The other two Departments are the Department of Geological Survey (DGS) and the Department of Mines  (DOM).

The Ministry also consists of two divisions namely Minerals Affairs and Energy Affairs. Within the water sector, MMEWR has the overall  national responsibility for policy, planning, assessment,development, supply and protection of Botswana’s scarce water resources. Planning includes allocation of water to the different sectors of the economy. Responsibility for policy, planning and assessment is discharged mainly through dwa and is thus a core business function of the department.

While surface water assessment is done solely by DWA, ground water assessment is shared between DWA and DGS with DGS focusing mainly on preliminary assessment work and dwa in most cases following up the work done by dgs to accurately define groundwater reservoirs and develop well fields. DWA also acts as the Secretariat to the water apportionment board (WAB). The WAB is a statutory body established under the water act of 1956 to issue water abstraction and wastewater discharge rights to water consumers and/or users.

In terms of development and supply functions, this is a shared responsibility between DWA and other key stakeholders such as Water Utilities Corporation, District Councils, Ministry of Local Government (MLG) and Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).

>>MISSION To plan, assess,develop and protect Botswana's water resources for sustainable contribution to socio-economic growth.

>>VISION To become a global leader in water resources management for national prosperity.

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